Middle Lake Gospel Church is a small country                          church served by Village Missions                                     in Middle Lake, Saskatchewan.                                       1.306.367.4934                  schnee.ryan@gmail.com    schnee.jenneke@gmail.com

Find us at:

204 1st Avenue North Middle Lake, SK CANADA

2019 Spring Schedule


9:15am Prayer & Coffee 9:45am Sunday School 10:30am Worship Service (communion 1st Sunday of the month)


8:45am - Bible Study & Prayer Meeting at the Church

10:15am - Moms playgroup & Bible Study at the Church (See tab for details)


 6:30-8:00pm - AWANA Clubs (K-Gr.7) (See AWANA tab for full details)


9:30am SONSHINE Hour at Bethany Pioneer Village

 7:00-9:00pm Youth Group (see youth tab for details)


(Webpage is generally updated on Tuesdays)

February 18-22nd - No regular programs as it is the Winter Break in the School Division

February 24th - Larry Jeffery Preaching

February 28th, 5:30pm - AWANA Grand Prix Car Races. Hot dogs and juice provided. Feel free to bring fruit, veggies, chips and squares. Public welcome to watch.

March 8-10th - Sr. High Youth Retreat at Nipawin

March 23rd - Village Missions Annual Fundraising Brunch in Saskatoon. 

March 17th - Guest Rachel Hiebert sharing from her time in Thailand.

Thursday, April 18th, 6:30pm - AWANA awards program, family and community welcome to attend!


February 18th - 22nd - WINTER BREAK (no school)

Sunday, March 3rd, 2:00pm - 4H Public Speaking at Faith Lutheran Church Basement 

March 4th - NO SCHOOL

March 10th - 4H District Public Speaking

March 25th - NO SCHOOL

March 31st - 4H Regional Public Speaking

April 7th - Three Lakes School of Dance RECITAL

April 19th - 26th - EASTER BREAK - NO SCHOOL

May 20th - NO SCHOOL

June 13th - Avenger Athletic's Banquet (call 306-367-2122 to purchase tickets)

June 14th, 1:00pm -Three Lakes Academic Awards, Everyone welcome

June 19th, 7:00pm - Bethany Pioneer Village Annual Meeting

June 27th, 7:30pm - Three Lakes Graduation Ceremony

July 7-8 - Melfort Regional 4H Beef Show

Pastor Ryan (& Jenneke Schnee)

306.367.4934  schnee.ryan@gmail.com text 306.318.9936 

(Before making the switch to fulltime ministry in 2011, the Schnees had a mixed farming operation in Alberta where Ryan was a journeyman welder and Jenneke was an elementary school teacher. They have four children.)